Marissa Tobin – Old Head Financial

Marissa Tobin

Senior Manager

Marissa has been providing financial advice since she began her career with AIB in 1999 and has a wealth of knowledge in the financial services sector.  After finishing with AIB in 2016, Marissa moved onto private client advisory roles, before taking up the key management and advisory role with Old Head Financial in 2020.

Marissa is a Qualified Financial Adviser and a Retirement Planning Adviser, both of which qualifications are issued by the Life Insurance Association, being the industry accepted standard bearer in professional qualifications for financial services professionals.  Marissa is also a qualified member of Accounting Technicians Ireland, with the insight gained into accountancy and taxation matters therefrom being complementary to her financial advisory and retirement planning skills.  Marissa is very committed to continuous professional development, and upskills on an ongoing basis.

Marissa provides advice to a diverse range of clients who require assistance in areas such as wealth creation, retirement planning and risk protection.  She has a hands on approach and is noted for listening to, and explaining matters clearly to, her clients – this simultaneously allows her to make a comprehensive appraisal of the situation of each client and to offer a bespoke solution, while always delivering that solution in a client friendly, easy to understand manner.  This achieves the key goal of allowing clients to make clear, informed decisions with confidence.