Vincent Hayes – Old Head Financial

Vincent Hayes


Vincent has served business people, farmers and private clients for over 43 years, and is one of the most trusted advisers in Waterford and beyond. Hailing from the Old Head of Kinsale and beginning his career in Limerick in 1978, Vincent moved to Dungarvan in 1981 and built a stellar reputation for applying his unique brand of expertise and common sense to the benefit of a great many clients over the years. Vincent is a founding partner of Old Head Financial’s sister firm Hayes & Hayes Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisers.

As far back as the early 1980s, Vincent was one of the first accountants to begin to understand the importance of accountants having a role in working with financial advisers such that clients received a cohesive service where the accountancy, tax, pension and life assurance needs of the client were dealt with in a collaborative manner giving due consideration to the bigger picture for the client.  To that end, Vincent arranged the first ever agency that his previous firm secured with any finance house, being with Standard Life in or around 1982.  Matters have, of course, evolved greatly since that time, but the core principle, being the value to the client of having access to advice and products tailored to need, and from a trusted source where the relationship between accountant and financial adviser is genuinely conjoined for the benefit of the client, is a timeless and unchanged core principle, and which is now properly espoused by Old Head Financial on a daily basis.

Vincent’s role with Old Head Financial is to serve on the Board and to support the client facing team where required.