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Savings & Investments

Making the decision to invest will be influenced by your personal financial goals. For short term goals, like putting aside money for purchasing a car, a bank deposit account may be your best option. However, for longer term goals, like saving for the costs of children’s education, then investing could be a better option. Investing in a fund can give you the opportunity to earn a higher return over the medium to long term. With a huge range of investment managers, strategies and funds available in the market place, we will work with you to identify those best suited to your personal attitude to risk. Examples of the options available are as follows:

Investment Bonds

An Investment Bond is a unit-linked product, designed for people investing lump sums. It gives you access to a wide variety of funds, with varying degrees of risk and return. Investment bonds are ideal for people looking for a long-term lump sum investment and for those looking for an alternative to a low interest deposit account for their savings. Investment bonds will suit those looking to invest in a variety of different funds utilising a variety of investment strategies.

Regular Saving Plans

Regular Savings Plans, as the name suggests, require regular premiums to a unit-linked savings plan that allows you to save regularly. Your money is then invested in a range of investment funds, again tailored to be consistent with your appetite for risk. This type of product is very useful where a person is seeking to make regular savings, with return potential, over a longer period e.g. creating a savings fund for the future college education of currently young children.